Yearly Archive: 2017

Explore Smartphone Applications

Your smartphone comes with quite a few applications, including those that allow you to create task lists, type memos, perform calculations, save passwords, and even post information and data to Flickr and MySpace. It also offers a few file related applications, such as and Slideshow, that enable you to work with and share data while away from your computer. Such data include Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, for starters. Of course, with the ability to access files such as these, you’ll also need a way to manage them, by using the Files icon in the Applications folder.

Write a Memo

One of the easiest applications to use is MemoPad. Memos are notes you write to yourself or others for the purpose of remembering something later. Think of a memo as a Post-It note you can share. After writing the memo, you can e-mail it to someone else, post it to Facebook, or attach it to an instant message.

Create a Task

Sometimes you need to do more than write a memo; you need to create a task. A task is a chore or an assignment that you will either complete or pass on to someone else to complete. Like “get your laptop repair done”. As with memos, you can save tasks in the Tasks list, and then e-mail them, post them to a web page, or forward them to a messaging contact. By forwarding a task, you pass the task on to that person. Remember that a task is a job someone needs to complete (versus a memo, which is simply a reminder or a note).

Use the Calculator

The calculator is another application in the Applications folder. While it allows you to do things you’d expect, like add, subtract, multiply, and divide, it also offers a memory option, the option to input negative numbers, to get the square root of a number, and to change a number to a percent. You can also get the reciprocal of a number, should you ever need to.

Now all of that is just great, but wait, there’s more! It’s a conversion calculator too. You can convert a number that’s in miles to kilometers, gallons to liters, and inches to centimeters, and back again, to name a few.

Knowing shortcuts for using your smartphone allows you to perform tasks more quickly than you could otherwise. Phone accessories and phone repairs Invercargill just adds the cherry on the cake. Shortcuts also allow you to be more productive and less frustrated when performing a job. Did you know you can, while in a keyboard, hold down the “number” key for a second or so, and then, for as long as you want, keep the number pad on the screen? That’s a pretty cool feature, especially if you’re trying to type a phone number in an instant message.

If you didn’t know that trick, to type in a phone number you’d have to click a number (after which the regular keyboard would reappear), click the number key again to bring back the number pad, click another number, click the number key again to bring back the number pad, and well, you get the idea. This happens because by default, after you press a number on the number pad, the alphabet keys automatically appear and the number keys go away. This same trick applies to the sym key, caps key, and others.